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Environmental compensation and sustainability

Sustainable raw materials and processes

We use natural raw materials, most of which are of environmentally correct origin, minimizing the environmental impact.

All of our silk is manufactured in Brazil, using renewable energy sources - solar and wind, in a system of rational and responsible use. These are processes that consider the control of emissions filtered gases and the treatment of waste water, in which 100 of the water is recovered in the process. It is a fabric that has certificationção ABVTEX, attesting to working conditions and commitment to sustainable environmental and social development.

Our viscose originates from reforestation, in processes that ensurethe treatment of the water used in the manufacture, so as not to contaminate the water table.

Part of our cotton is produced on Brazilian soil, by traditional producers in the activity. It stands out for its quality and sustainability, aiming at the standardization of the raw material used in the production of threads and always prioritizing producers certified by theBCI (Better Cotton Initiative..

We use cotton fabrics that are part of the movement that encourages the use of this natural fiber, so essential for our well-being.

The yarns used in most of our articles have the certificate Oeko-Tex, which guarantees the exemption of substances harmful to human health.

Environmental compensation and support for recycling

We are partners ofEurocycle - an entity that promotes environmental education and awareness, as well as a solution for reverse logistics. In this way, we invest in the development of the recyclable materials chain and in increasing the rates of these materials. Through reverse logistics, we bet on environmental compensation through the agents involved in this process.

 A global movement of environmental awareness, in which consumers have an important participation. When packaging is disposed of correctly, it generates incentives for the entire production chain. In addition to returning the raw material to the cycle and enabling the production of new materials, contributing to the development of the circular economy. Social, economic and environmental.



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